My position

It is my belief, experience and thus my conclusion that the normal physical decay and mental deterioration we have come to accept and expect with increased number of years on the planet–what we refer to as the normal aging process–is neither natural nor inevitable.

This position evolved from a childhood dream, into an adult desire, then an obsession with living and sharing the results of my own experiment in physical immortality with anyone interested.

Of course, I can never claim to guarantee immortality from reading my books or doing as I’ve done (unless and until I’m at least well into my second lifetime), but what I CAN share with you are my own personal experiences and success in halting the progression others have come to accept as normal and natural. That’s what the Ageless Living philosophy and formula are all about.

“I am not here to convince, justify, defend or apologize for my beliefs, choices or lifestyle. I’m not here for validation, vindication or approval, or to respond to personal attacks. I’m here to share a philosophy and formula that work for me and for others. In a world of seven billion people, if one person can do a thing, then it must be possible for at least one other person to do the same. It is against this backdrop that I offer this information.”

Humaworm Day 3

4:10am 134.6lb

5:45am BM 135.0lb to 134lb

6:00am 2 capsules Humaworm + 1 dissolved in hot water

7:45am   3-mile run on the beach

1:30pm BM 134lb to 133.6lb (worms visible; some mixed in with stool)

Woke with tons of energy this morning! My run on the beach was almost effortless!

Fingernails are bright pink and growing.

I can remember my dreams many hours after waking.

I am convinced there is a colony of worms in my colon, so I’m anxious and hoping to see a lot of expulsions. Most of the testimonials I’ve read have indicated that worms have started to be expelled on day 3.  I know progress is being made, but want to see something significant!!!! 🙂

Humaworm Day 2

5:00am rise

6:00am 2 capsules Humaworm

6:25am BM 134.8lb to 133.6lb (very formed and atypically long)

6:30am Coffee enema

2:00pm rice&peas, stir fried veggies; raw: chopped Malungaay with young pods

2:45 to 3:15 sunbath on balcony

3:20pm BM to 135lb (worms seen)

5:50pm 2 capsules Humaworm

5:55pm Humaworm retention enema

Already starting to see worms in my stool. Nothing major, but it already seems to be working.

Thumping in ears (about a year ago, I had an ear infection; This might be the beginnings of a healing crisis.)

Humaworm Day 1

Today I’ll be starting a 30-day protocol of Humaworm herbs.  What will follow over the next few entries are my actual daily journal entries that I hope will be helpful for anyone else about to do the same.  This is the same journal I encourage my coaching clients to maintain throughout any protocol.

Note: You’ll also see mention of other protocols I do (headstands, nasal wash, MMS and others)

Key: BM = bowel movement

2:54am rise

7:45am 1drop MMS nasal wash + headstand + 1drop MMS/h202 nasal wash + headstand + h202 nasal wash

9:00am 133.2lb

10:45am Humaworm 2 (one pill dissolved in hot water; other pill swallowed)

10:45am run on the beach exactly 45 minutes later I eat banana, papaya

6:30pm Humaworm 2 (one pill dissolved in hot water; other pill swallowed)

I don’t expect any significant effects on this first day.

Addendum: Had tons of energy throughout the night! Not sure if I slept at all!