Humaworm Day 2

5:00am rise

6:00am 2 capsules Humaworm

6:25am BM 134.8lb to 133.6lb (very formed and atypically long)

6:30am Coffee enema

2:00pm rice&peas, stir fried veggies; raw: chopped Malungaay with young pods

2:45 to 3:15 sunbath on balcony

3:20pm BM to 135lb (worms seen)

5:50pm 2 capsules Humaworm

5:55pm Humaworm retention enema

Already starting to see worms in my stool. Nothing major, but it already seems to be working.

Thumping in ears (about a year ago, I had an ear infection; This might be the beginnings of a healing crisis.)

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