Humaworm Day 3

4:10am 134.6lb

5:45am BM 135.0lb to 134lb

6:00am 2 capsules Humaworm + 1 dissolved in hot water

7:45am   3-mile run on the beach

1:30pm BM 134lb to 133.6lb (worms visible; some mixed in with stool)

Woke with tons of energy this morning! My run on the beach was almost effortless!

Fingernails are bright pink and growing.

I can remember my dreams many hours after waking.

I am convinced there is a colony of worms in my colon, so I’m anxious and hoping to see a lot of expulsions. Most of the testimonials I’ve read have indicated that worms have started to be expelled on day 3.  I know progress is being made, but want to see something significant!!!! 🙂

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