The Parasite Paradox

I’d like you to check out these two articles about the effects that parasites have on their hosts.
If you don’t have time to read them, the short version is this: (Wikipedia is great for this!)
Behavior-altering parasites are parasites capable of causing changes in the behavior of their hosts by directly affecting the hosts’ decision-making and behavior control mechanisms. The acquired or modified behaviors assist in the parasite’s transmission, and in the case of parasitoids result in the host’s death.
Parasites can cause various types of behavioral changes, some extremely complex and “unnatural” to the host. The protozoan Toxoplasma gondii, for example, infects small rodents and causes them to become careless, and attracted to the smell of feline urine, which increases their risk of predation and the parasite’s chance of infecting a cat, its definitive host.
Mechanisms of altering the host’s behavior include infection of the host’s central nervous system and altered neurochemical communication.
Parasites may alter hosts’ behaviors in ways that increase their likelihood of transmission (e.g. by the host being ingested by a predator); result in the parasite’s release at appropriate sites (e.g. by changes in the host’s preferences for habitats);[1] increase parasite survival or increase the host’s likelihood of being infected with more parasites.
In other words, when infected with parasites, the organism infected (the HOST) exhibits behavior that helps the PARASITE survive! The host is unaware of these changes in behavior and in many cases, simply unable to alter them. The host makes poor decisions that are self-destructive and NOT in the host’s best interest. And, to answer your question, OF COURSE this applies to humans too! Those cravings, those addictions, that sweet tooth, that lack of discipline, and desire for those late night snacks may not be originating from YOUR will at all, but from the survival imperative of the round worms, pin worms, bacteria, liver flukes or other parasites that are living inside you!
You can appreciate the resulting dilemma here. You or I can lecture someone all day on the benefits of the discipline and courage required to eat healthfully, show them the light when it comes to caloric restriction, fasting, veganism, cutting out sugar, junk food and so on, but the very thing you want them to address (the accumulation of toxins and invaders in the body) are the very things that will prevent them from having that courage and discipline and changing their behavior.  Therein lies the “parasite paradox.” The very thing you most need to eliminate in order to heal is making you functionally incapable of making the decisions and maintaining the behavior most needed to eliminate them.
That’s why we start with a parasite cleanse before engaging in any of the Clean Cell Protocols.
Don’t allow the parasites to be in charge!
and if you have any of those symptoms, order their cleanse (I’m now on Day 15)

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