What to Expect

1. Why you MUST keep a journal

As I suggest to my coaching clients, I strongly encourage you to keep a journal of your progress on any cleanse or protocol you embark upon in the quest. This journal will help you to

a. track your overall progress
I encourage you to keep track of what time you wake, the time of your bowel movements, body weight before and after bowel movements and a general overview of how you feel along with any noticeable differences from day to day.



3:39am 133.2lb

4:20am BM  133lb nicely formed

4:47am salt water intestinal wash to 6:30am  131.4lb

7:30am 6 drops MMS

7:35am run on the beach

8:35am 6 drops MMS

3:15pm 6 drops MMS

b. track specific issues
In addition to your daily progress, I encourage you to make a list of ALL the issues you wish to resolve as part of your journal’s initial pages,. Start at the top of your head and proceed part by part, organ by organ, system by system, noting everything that currently troubles you. Then, as the cleanse or protocol proceeds, make a note of which items get resolved first, second, etc.


2. Why this is important
I consider this type of journaling a vital part of your quest for several reasons:

a. The Unremarkability of Normalcy
One day, you’ll open your eyes and wake up after a deep sleep and you won’t even realize that a certain issue you’ve been dealing with for the past few years has quietly disappeared. Sounds inconceivable, but it’s true. Somewhere in your memory bank, you recall what it feels like to get up with normal vision, no pains, boundless energy, etc. So, on that morning (or evening if you work nights) that it happens, it will feel so normal that it will be unremarkable. Having a journal of such issues before they fade back into normalcy is critical to an accurate assessment of how successful the cleanse or protocol has been. Keep a detailed journal.

b. To expect the unexpected
As the cleanse or protocol proceeds, you should also journal a separate list of items that get resolved that you DIDN’T have on your list. Trust me, there’s probably a level of energy, a heaviness behind the eyes, a level of darkness to your vision along with aches and pains you’ve become so accustomed to that you didn’t include them on your list. You won’t notice that you’ve only been seeing the world through a dim, colorless lens until one day you open your eyes and see the beauty and vibrancy of what you’ve been missing!

c. As an aid/guide for others
This sort of journal will help others to achieve what you are achieving.