What to Expect

1. Why you MUST keep a journal

As I suggest to my coaching clients, I strongly encourage you to keep a journal of your progress on any cleanse or protocol you embark upon in the quest. This journal will help you to

a. track your overall progress
I encourage you to keep track of what time you wake, the time of your bowel movements, body weight before and after bowel movements and a general overview of how you feel along with any noticeable differences from day to day.



3:39am 133.2lb

4:20am BM  133lb nicely formed

4:47am salt water intestinal wash to 6:30am  131.4lb

7:30am 6 drops MMS

7:35am run on the beach

8:35am 6 drops MMS

3:15pm 6 drops MMS

b. track specific issues
In addition to your daily progress, I encourage you to make a list of ALL the issues you wish to resolve as part of your journal’s initial pages,. Start at the top of your head and proceed part by part, organ by organ, system by system, noting everything that currently troubles you. Then, as the cleanse or protocol proceeds, make a note of which items get resolved first, second, etc.


2. Why this is important
I consider this type of journaling a vital part of your quest for several reasons:

a. The Unremarkability of Normalcy
One day, you’ll open your eyes and wake up after a deep sleep and you won’t even realize that a certain issue you’ve been dealing with for the past few years has quietly disappeared. Sounds inconceivable, but it’s true. Somewhere in your memory bank, you recall what it feels like to get up with normal vision, no pains, boundless energy, etc. So, on that morning (or evening if you work nights) that it happens, it will feel so normal that it will be unremarkable. Having a journal of such issues before they fade back into normalcy is critical to an accurate assessment of how successful the cleanse or protocol has been. Keep a detailed journal.

b. To expect the unexpected
As the cleanse or protocol proceeds, you should also journal a separate list of items that get resolved that you DIDN’T have on your list. Trust me, there’s probably a level of energy, a heaviness behind the eyes, a level of darkness to your vision along with aches and pains you’ve become so accustomed to that you didn’t include them on your list. You won’t notice that you’ve only been seeing the world through a dim, colorless lens until one day you open your eyes and see the beauty and vibrancy of what you’ve been missing!

c. As an aid/guide for others
This sort of journal will help others to achieve what you are achieving.

And now….what you came for:

by Walt F.J. Goodridge, author of A Clean Cell Never Dies, Fit to Breed…Forever! and Fast & Grow Young

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a parasite cleanse! Here’s what to expect.

These expectations can apply to many different types of cleanses, detoxing protocols and even fasts. However, since the parasite cleanse is often the first in a series of suggested organ and system cleanses and protocols, this article will be devoted to this specific cleanse.


Worms and other parasites have been robbing you of nutrition, defecating in your colon, causing chemical reactions that produce ammonia, alcohol and other substances in your system, bloating your stomach, altering your behavior and causing a host of symptoms you may not have noticed, OR that you attributed as the “normal” effects of the years of life. As you start to kill them off, your body is going to experience some amazing effects.
(See https://www.humaworm.com/symptoms-of-parasites.html)

Please note that depending on your individual level of toxicity, the particular environments you’ve been exposed to, the chemicals you’ve been ingesting/breathing in/applying to your body, your reactions may vary. You may experience just a few, some or all of the following.


The first concepts to understand are:

HERXHEIMER EFFECT – aka Die-off Reaction – periodic exacerbation of symptoms as an apparent direct response to treatment. This phenomenon is known as the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction and is often referred to informally as herx or herxing. Herxing is believed to occur when injured or dead bacteria release their endotoxins into the blood and tissues faster than the body can comfortably handle it. This provokes a sudden and exaggerated inflammatory response. The way to typically deal with a Herx reaction is to REDUCE (but do not stop) the dosage/intensity of whatever treatment you’re on until the reaction subsides. For example, if (as indicated in the protcol) you have been increasing the dosage of MMS drops each day and start to experience a Herx reaction when you increased from 10 drops to 12 drops, then go back down to 10 drops and continue taking 10 drops until any symptoms disappear, then resume the gradual increase.

RETRACING – As you recall from The Man Who Lived Forever, and A Clean Cell Never Dies, the body is coded to heal. Now, as parasites and their effects are removed
from your body, your body’s programmed healing mechanism and intelligence will decide which items to address first, which to tackle second, and so on. Often, the body will address the most recent “illness” first, and essentially go back through time addressing each condition in reverse order. This is called retracing.

HEALING CRISIS – is a general term that describes all of the above. Essentially, you should be prepared to experience a little discomfort, weakness and other symptoms as you ingest healing, rejuvenative herbs/nutrients and your body begins to remedy what may be years of DEFICIENCY and then purge itself of what is often years of ACCUMMULATION and blockage.

Remember: the following symptoms are temporary and are a natural part of the healing process.


FREQUENT BOWEL MOVEMENT/URINATION – This is the body’s preferred method of discharging toxins from the body. The stool and urine may be a little foul smelling or appear unusual as “stuff” is released from your body. You may also experience some cramping.

WORMS VISIBLE IN THE STOOL – Yep! Something to look forward to! Once the worms are weakened and killed by the herbs, they release their grip from your colon walls, start to disintegrate and are passed through the colon.

RECTAL ITCHING – Even though this is a well-known symptom of worm infestation, many people do NOT experience it until they actually start killing of their worms. So, if you do, just know it’s a good sign that things are working. Things will return to normal

SWEATING – Not only are germs being killed by the increased body temperature, you are also sweating out toxins through the body’s largest organ: the skin!

BUMPS ON THE SKIN – this is a sign that toxins are exiting the body.


FEELING OF HAVING A “COLD” – This feeling of congestion as well as runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc., are all ways your body has of expelling unwanted matter.

BODY ODOR – As you sweat out the unwanted stuff, bacteria may accumulate on your skin, under arms and in other warm, dark crevices and cause body odor.

ITCHING – as certain toxins and chemicals leave the tissues through the skin,
there may be itching. Some itching may actually be caused by the sensation of
parasites moving throughout the body.


SNEEZING – toxins being released in the nasal passages and lungs trigger this normal bodily response.

RUMBLING IN THE STOMACH – The battle between the worms and the herbs rages on inside you.

HEADACHES – toxins in the bloodstream and de-hydration are two common causes of headaches during a cleanse. Solution: drink more water, perform a coffee enema (see A Clean Cell Never Dies for instructions)


LOCALIZED PAIN – As the body starts to heal according to its natural programming, it may start to address specific issues and avert future deterioration and disease. Note that these pains indicate where there have been accumulations, inflammation and other issues that would have developed into chronic disease later on.

TIREDNESS – Your body requires sleep for rejuvenation and healing. In fact, it’s said that rejuvenation occurs most optimally between 10pm and 2am. Tiredness is simply your body’s way of telling you it’s time to rest.

NAUSEA – toxins in your stomach are being rejected and if they can’t exit through the anus, your body will expell them through the mouth. Drink activated charcoal in water;


FEELINGS OF GLOOM & DOOM – Over the months/years, your parasite tenants have become an integral part of your body’s ecosystem, their mutual survival intertwined. As THEY die off, you may actually “feel” their demise depending upon how sensitive you are. Don’t worry, they are the only ones being evicted. Just know that others have experienced this weird sensation of actually feeling their worms die.


Here are some of the benefits you may experience

CLARITY OF VISION – You may notice that your vision is sharper and things appear clearer and more vibrant than before!

HIGH ENERGY – You’ll be able to prove for yourself that the real formula for health is V = P – O. (Vitality = Potential minus Obstruction)

LESS BRAIN FOG – A good parasite cleanse will also address candida overgrowth and any resultant brain fog. Also, with less toxins in your bloodstream, the blood that feeds your brain will now be cleaner. Any activity that requires your brain function will now work better.









NEED FOR LESS SLEEP – You are no longer competing with worms for nutrition; Your body is no longer fighting parasites while you sleep. You may find you can live on less sleep!

INCREASED LIBIDO – You are becoming fit to breed. Your decreased desire for sex was simply Nature’s way of keeping your DNA from surviving. Now, however, now that you are of a better stock that can ensure the species survive and thrive, Nature is now urging you to reproduce! Men may notice harder morning erections.

THE DESIRE TO DANCE, SING OR WHISTLE – That’s right! It’s completely normal! A feeling of wellbeing occurs once you are clean!


LESS SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR – With the parasites no longer controlling your behavior for THEIR survival, you may find you have less cravings for drugs, sugar, junk food and even social situations and other behavior you “enjoyed” before!


See A Clean Cell Never Dies for details and instructions:

Physical Exercise – increasing blood flow, lymph movement, breathing all help with the detox

Coffee Enema – helps purge the liver of bile

Salt Water Wash – dissolves and pushes stool through the colon

Sauna Detox – helps remove toxins through the skin (see

MMS Enema –

Extra cloves – this kills the eggs so they won’t hatch into new worms

Frozen Castor Oil pills – this kills liver flukes at the point where the small and large intestine meet

Zapper – uses a mild electrical current to kill parasites in hard to reach places


CAUTION: Don’t make the mistake of thinking, believing or saying that “these herbs are making me sick,” or “this parasite cleanse made me sick.” These symptoms described above are not sickness. The nausea, vomiting, headaches and pains you may experience are NOT sickness. They are the healing. This is what healing looks and feels like when your body has been nutrient-deficient or toxin-blocked for many months or years. The REAL sickness is the lifestyle that tells you that processed, flavored, colored, preserved, genetically-modified objects are food. The REAL sickness is the mindset that says that health is random and that you can eat anything you want without consequence. The REAL sickness is the industry that creates expensive, patented chemicals that mask symptoms without effecting real cure. The REAL sickness is the bloating, excess weight, lethargy, pains, diminished libido and other conditions you were prepared to live with as a “normal” part of life. No, the discharge and throwing off of toxins is not sickness. It is the beginning of REAL healing!