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age’lessadj. youthful; never aging; immune to the effects of age

a’deptn. a highly skilled person; an expert; a guru

Scientists tell us that the human body is genetically coded for perfect health, youthfulness and immortality. In other words, since the body’s 7 trillion cells renew themselves every seven years, there’s actually no reason for us to age, get sick or even die.
If that’s true, then what are we doing wrong? Why are people getting sick younger and aging faster? How did we lose our connection to immortality? And how do we get it back?
What if you could activate your body’s dormant code and stay young forever? Imagine living in perfect health for all your life and never getting sick. Imagine if you never caught a cold, didn’t get cavities, and kept your skin smooth, your mind sharp, and your body vital and energetic for as long as you chose to live–without pills and drugs!
You Can! That’s the amazing secret revealed by the Ageless Adept!

The Adept’s Vow

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► “I will not compromise my ethics for money.”

► “I only recommend products, protocols and practices I have personally tested”

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Is Nature perfect or flawed?

Your answer to this question will determine your success implementing the Ageless Adept’s protocols and practice.

Now, however you wish to refer to the natural order–whether as nature, the universe, God or the end product of an evolutionary process–the question remains the same (I’ll refer to it as nature): Is Nature perfect or flawed?

Is Nature perfect, or did it have to wait for linear-minded men in lab coats to come along to improve it?

In the book, The Man Who Lived Forever, the adept questions the seeker about Nature and God:
“Seeker, if you were God, perfect, wise and omnipotent—would you create a world and a system of survival that required Ph.Ds to master? Or would you make it foolproof, so that even the least of your creations could negotiate it?
“I guess I’d make it simple,” I replied.
“And the truth is, Seeker, it is simple. God is not complicated. Complex, vast, infinite, perhaps, but not complicated. Nature is a simple, closed, self-contained system coded for survival. In other words, everything Nature needs for its own survival is already built right in. It’s a ‘batteries included’ universe, if you will.”

Check out this conversation about Nature’s perfection:


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The Carrot Conversation

The following is an excerpt from The Man Who Lived Forever, and is an introduction to the concept of “real food:”

“Let’s talk first about food. In order to create the inflow necessary for health it is simply necessary to eat food. Real food, that is. Eating real food–naturally- occurring, unprocessed, so-called ‘organic’ fruits and vegetables that humans were meant to consume– nourishes the body, gives it what it needs to stay in balance, replenishes what is lost, and aids the elimination of waste quickly enough to avoid internal toxicity.”
“Makes sense,” I said.
“The challenge, however, is that very few of us have a working definition of what real food is. So, first let’s dispel a few misunderstandings.
“Just because something can be put in your mouth, chewed and swallowed does not make it food.”
I smiled.
“Just because something is sold in a supermarket or restaurant does not make it food.”
Ain’t that the truth, I thought to myself.
“Just because something tastes good, does not make it food.”
There went 90% of my diet right there.
“And finally, just because something is referred to as food by a great number of people, does not make it food.
“Here’s a short list of things people put inside themselves that are not food: milk, butter, eggs, cheese, chicken, all dead meats, processed sugar and salt, all foods with artificial flavor, preservatives or color of any kind, alcohol, cigarette smoke, sodas, fried foods, hybrid rice and wheat products, processed white flour, decaffeinated coffee and genetically modified foods. The unfortunate thing is that this list comprises 90% of what the average person in our society consumes.”
“So what can we eat?” I ask. “What’s left? Nuts and berries?”
“Remember, nature is perfect and foolproof, right? Therefore, the presumption is that everything that the body ever has or ever will require for sustenance has always existed and was provided at the beginning.”
“So how do we know what was here at the beginning?” I asked.
“The answer to everything is in what I call the Original Scene, my friend. So to answer your question, let’s do a little exercise in observation. Close your eyes. Now picture a landscape without supermarkets, delicatessens, restaurants, hot dog stands or vending machines. What do you have left?”
“Starbucks,” I said jokingly.
“Focus, my friend,” the Adept said.
“Grass and trees,” I said.
“Anything else?” asked the Adept.
“The sky?” I said.
“Anything else?” he asked again.
“Rivers, mountains, flowers…”
“Animals, birds, fish. Stones, rocks,” I continued.
“Anything else? Look in the ground, on the plants and on the trees.”
“Oh, fruits, vegetables, nuts,” I said.
“Good, you’ve described just about everything that existed in nature’s perfection. You’ve just described real food.”
“I’m confused,” I said. “That’s what I eat now. I eat fruits. I eat vegetables, nuts, seeds. But I’m still sick. And so is everyone I know. What am I doing wrong? Are you telling me I’m eating them wrong?”
“In a way, yes,” the Adept said. “Let’s go back to our scene. Close your eyes again.”
“Now, imagine that you’re hungry. Walk over to a fruit tree and pick the fruit. You’ll notice that there are no cans, no boxes, no preservatives, no concentrates, no pasteurization vats, no other processes or people in- between you and your food.”
“I got that.”
“Now, reach into the ground and pull out a carrot.”
“Ok. Got it.”
“If you place this carrot in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“If you steam it, even for just a minute, and then put it in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Um, no,” I replied. “I don’t think so.”
“If you dehydrate it, pulverize it into a powder and then put it back in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Definitely not,” I said.
“Correct. Can you see, therefore, that steaming or pulverizing changes something fundamental in the carrot? It is no longer a carrot. It may taste like a carrot. It may feel like a carrot. But it no longer has all the properties of a living carrot.”
“So are you saying that cooking our food is what’s killing us? That we shouldn’t eat anything cooked?”
“I’m saying that in order to sustain life,” the Adept replied, “you must eat live food. Remember, you are always free to do anything you wish. Just remember the Essential Truth that there are always effects from that cause. Look to nature for your answers. If it isn’t in the original scene, it isn’t food, and therefore, not part of the original code. Do you see cows stir-frying their grass before grazing?” he asked.
“Can’t say that I have,” I replied with a smile. “But you’ve been cooking meals for me. Why not all live?”
“Well, it’s been sort of a transitional diet I created just for you. Yesterday’s meal was heavy on the salad, and the soup we had at lunch was almost raw. Today, since you asked, is going to be “Rawday.” You may have heard of it? It’s on the Ageless Adept calendar right after “Fry Day”, get it?” he said with a chuckle.

Let’s bring it all together with a definition of “real food!”

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Excerpt from A Clean Cell Never Dies:
The cures or therapies that exist as part of the Clean Cell Protocol are nothing more than variations on these 5 themes:
1. sunlight
2. water
3. earth
4. air
5. time
(SWEAT, for short)
All individual therapies, no matter how odd they may seem to you, are simply variations on these themes. Here are some examples:

How to replicate sunlight
The sun’s ultraviolet rays are antiseptic and can kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, molds, and mites in air and water, as well as on surfaces including our skin. It converts cholesterol in the skin to Vitamin D, and regulates bodily processes. Infrared rays improve neuralgia, neuritis, arthritis, and sinusitis. Sunlight regulates hormones and bodily processes, stimulates the pineal gland, and normalizes heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. It increases oxygen to the blood and thus improves muscular endurance.
Deficiency or insufficiency of natural sunlight and vitamin D has been associated with the following conditions: adrenal insufficiency, Alzheimer’s, allergies, autoimmune disorders including multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, cancers of the colon, breast, skin and prostate, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), diabetes Type 1 & 2, gluten intolerance, heart disease, hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, infertility, sexual dysfunction, learning and behavior disorders, misaligned teeth and cavities, obesity, osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteomalacia (adult rickets), Parkinsons, PMS and psoriasis.
Don’t let "conventional wisdom" scare you away from soaking in the sun! Soak for at least one hour each day; shorter duration for people with paler, melanin-poor skin.
There’s no substitute for real, direct sunlight (i.e. there should be nothing between you and the sun except air; glass blocks the sun’s infrared rays). However, here are variations to compensate:
VARIATIONS: infrared saunas, dry saunas, physical activity to encourage sweating, vitamin D supplementation.

How to replicate water
Simply drinking more and cleaner water can jump-start your body’s cure of itself and immediately increase your energy. Purified, fluoride-free, chlorine-free, room temperature rain water would be best. Spring water is good. Reverse-osmosis, filtered water is good. Fill a container with half-gallon to one gallon each day and drink throughout the day.
VARIATIONS: drinking more water, hydrotherapy, purified water, ozonated water, oxygenated water.

How to replicate earth
In our modern world, and particularly in what Bob Marley called the "concrete jungle," it is possible for someone to be born, live and die without their feet ever touching the actual soil of the earth.
Think about it. They are born in a sanitized, concrete hospital. They are carried into and transported in a car that touches asphalt. They live their lives in high-rise apartments, and walk to school in shoes on cement sidewalks. They travel to work in steel trains. They live their entire lives–every waking and sleeping moment–separated from the earth hundreds of feet above the ground. And if, on that infrequent occasion they seek natural settings free of concrete or asphalt cover, they wear socks and slippers and sandals and shoes that separate them from the actual living earth. And, to take a few steps back in time, remember, they were even conceived and began the very instant of life in the womb of a woman who may never have touched the physical earth herself.
For many people, years can go by without them ever experiencing the grounding and rejuvenating effect of actually connecting to the earth.
What effect do you think that might have on the world view, thought processes, bodily functions, and even basic humanity of an individual, family or society who has never touched ground—people who are not, you might say, "grounded?"
In electrical terms, to "ground" an object means just that, to connect it to the earth. When an electrical appliance operates, for instance, it will build up an electrical charge. The earth naturally attracts excess electrical charge and dissipates it so that it does not accumulate and cause harm to the user. You ground something to keep it functioning properly and so it doesn’t cause harm to itself or to others. I’ll let you ponder, the significance of that statement as you consider that the radiation and unnatural magnetic fields of electrical appliances, power lines, cell phones/towers and x-ray scanners are all around us.
VARIATIONS: Walking on the beach, touching soil, and even eating clay all keep you "grounded." Also: magnet therapy and clay baths.
How to replicate food
Just because something can be chewed and swallowed does not make it real food. I define real food as "unmodified, raw, enzyme-rich nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables eaten in as close to their natural state as possible." Boiled carrots, or carrots from a can are not the same as raw carrots. If you can’t put it in the ground and grow another one, then, generally speaking, it’s not real food.
VARIATIONS: Eating real food, organic produce, raw food, super foods, supplements and vitamins.

How to replicate air
You can go without water for a while, you can do without sunlight, you can even do without soil/food for many days. However, without air, you die in seconds. Therefore, since air is arguably the most important element, when looking to heal a specific condition, rejuvenate and grow younger, I suggest starting with air. As stated, there was a time when the oxygen content in air was as high as 50%. Now it’s less than 20% and even lower in major cities. The more you can do to introduce oxygen into the system, the more optimally the body will function.
That’s why one of the first things I suggest to my friends who seek my advice is to start taking daily supplementation with food grade hydrogen peroxide H2O2 actually increases oxygen uptake in the body.
VARIATIONS: H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide), DMSO, Ozone therapy, MMS.
How to utilize time
Nature has its own pace for healing. The way to activate Nature’s healing pace is to stop eating–to engage in an extended fast–to allow the body’s healing code to take over and to heal itself. There is no way to replicate time.
Each aspect of the SWEAT formula is explored in more detail in A Clean Cell Never Dies. Now, however, let’s explore one particular concept within the “Earth” domain–and that is, the concept of food.

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