A Matter of Subtraction: Walt’s Life Rhyme #481

A Matter of Subtraction

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It was just a short break in transmission
interference from storms in the air
The receiver was blocked and so reception was stopped
Rest assured, though, the signal’s still there

It was just a detoured navigation
an off-road swerve you made a few miles back
But the wheels are still turning, and the gears are engaged
won’t take much to get you right back on track

It was all just a moment’s distraction
a “time out” before you’re back on the field
Yes, obstructionists block and opposers may mock
but you’ll return to the game once you’re healed

So to optimize your output as you plan your return
listen well, for it’s a matter of subtraction
Your value, your vision and your vitality, too
is your potential minus any obstruction!

In my health books (see www.agelessadept.com), I explain a formula (originally put forth by Arnold Ehret) that holds V=P-0 (Vitality = Power – Obstruction). The degree of vim, vigor and youthfulness you experience (i.e. your vitality) is not only a function of your nutrition (power), but also a function of the degree of obstruction present in your system. In other words, the more blockage that exists in your system, –caused by toxins and accumulated, uneliminated matter in your colon, intestines, blood vessels–the less vitality you will be able to manifest. This explains why even several days–even weeks–into an extended water fast, you’ll experience tremendous surges of energy even though you’re not eating any solid food–fasting allows the body to purge itself of toxins and other obstructions.

Now, as is usually the case with universal truth, the VPO formula has applications to many other areas of life. So, expanding Ehret’s formula to living your passion and purpose, we can postulate that
Value = Passion – Obstruction.

In other words, the value that you ultimately bring to the world is a function of your passion MINUS any obstruction (internal or external) that you allow to block your flow, whether those obstructions be your fears, your perceived limitations, or other people’s expectations of you.

Similarly, when it comes to your vision, we find that
Vision = Position/Perch – Obstruction.

What you envision for yourself and your future is function of where you stand–your position or perch–MINUS any obstructions that block your view.

Today’s life rhyme is a gift for a friend who–despite her many accomplishments in previous years–allowed a few storms, detours, distractions and obstructions to block her vision!

As I said to her in the final words of an email:
“…I suspect, therefore, that since your proven ability to attract success is one that you manifested with on this plane, that all it will take is a simple conscious decision, a review of what you’ve accomplished in the past, the removal of negative and contrary vibrations (6oclock news, negative conversations, toxic individuals), and a return to the silence for you to resume that level of vibration once again. The truth is, it has never left. It functions same as it ever did, but perhaps is simply under levels of distraction and obstruction only you are aware of. See you on the other side.”

Success? It’s simply a matter of subtraction!

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