Ageless 101 Rules!

Ageless Adepts only eat real food. If you can’t put it in the ground and grow a new one, it’s not real food!

Ageless Adepts don’t eat anything in cans or anything with preservatives.

Ageless Adepts know that the purpose of food is to survive. You eat food for survival and for health. Sometimes you eat things you don’t like in order to be healthy. You’re not a child. Grow up.

Ageless Adepts don’t compromise. If there’s no vegan restaurant where you’re vacationing, you eat fruit, prepare your own meals, or fast!

Ageless Adepts don’t eat anything that has a face, that has a mother, or that can run away from them.

Ageless Adepts don’t put anything ON the body that they wouldn’t put IN the body.

Ageless Adepts follow the S.W.E.A.T lifestyle formula.

Ageless Adepts know that a clean cell never dies, so they strive to keep their bodies clean through colonics, coffee enemas, sauna detoxes, and fasting.

Ageless Adepts know that “You may have freedom OF choice, but you don’t have freedom FROM the consequences of that choice.”

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