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Who is Kale Carnegie????

Self-help author, Dale Carnegie, had a long lost brother, founder of the Self-Health movement!

Most people aren’t aware that James and Amanda Carnegie actually had 9 children. Here is a complete list that includes the lesser-known Carnegies.

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the story below.

1. Bale Carnegie, the first child, who followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and became a farmer.

2. Dale Carnegie of self help fame and, arguably, most well-known.

3. Fale Carnegie who sadly, never really amounted to much.

4. Jale Carnegie who chose a life of crime and is currently serving 20 to life in Folsom Penitentiary for tax evasion.

5. Kale Carnegie (our movement’s hero) the estranged middle son who never quite fit in and who was disowned for his fringe vegan lifestyle,

6. Nale Carnegie who ran a business selling prefab homes and hardware in Modesto California.

7. Pale Carnegie, the only daughter, whose beauty products & make-up empire was sold to Amway for millions in cash plus stock options and a Diamond position in the company. She now earns additional millions in passive, residual income as a network marketing millionaire!

8. Tale Carnegie, a compulsive liar who turned that personality trait into a lucrative political career in Congress, and the last child:

9. Irving, who wholesales suits in Manhattan’s fashion district under the name I.B. Carnegie, which stands for Irving Barnaby….Carnegie.
Source: A Carnegie in Every Pot: Remembrances of My Life by Paleonta Carnegie-Childless (an unauthorized autobiography) Kale is the author of several of the precursors to the modern health movement. These not-so-well- known books in the grand scheme of things are, nonetheless, classics in the self-health, vegan movement!

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