Ask a vegan: Best times to eat?

Justin: “As a vegan what would be the best times to eat during the day?” ANSWER:






Announcing the “Ask a Vegan” Youtube channel

As we say in Jamaica, “big tings a gwƤn!” (“big things are going on!”)

My friend, JC, who is always asking interesting questions about my vegan lifestyle gave me the idea for this series (inspired by the popular “Ask a Monk” videos he watches on Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu’s channel). I’ve been “vegan-plus” now for the majority of my life–no chicken, no fish, no beef, no eggs, no dairy, nothing in cans, no coffee, no sodas, no alcohol, nothing microwaved–and I often get interesting questions about the reasons for and implementation of such a lifestyle in this modern world, and on a little island in the Pacifc.

I enjoy answering questions and sharing what I know, and JC’s idea has a catchy ring to it, so I’ve given it its own channel!

Curious? Offended? Shocked? Amused? Carnivore? Herbivore? Ominvore? Whatever your interest or stance, feel free to ask ANY question of your favorite neighborhood fanat–I mean, friendly–vegan, and let’s have some fun!

As I said, it’s a brand new idea (less than 72 hours old), but I’ve already uploaded 3 videos to get things started. I’ll strive to keep all videos no more than 5-9min; I’ll also be doing < 60sec “#shorts” previews (Youtube says that’s the best way to grow a channel) So, please click on the image or link to give it a quick view, subscribe, ask a question and spread the word:

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How do you fast without getting the urge to eat?

Kris asked: How do you fast without getting the urge to eat?

Here’s my response to Kris’ question:



Q&A: Do I really need 50g of protein every day? Is that real or a myth?

Dream Catchers asks (from a comment posted on the Youtube channel):
I also heard this thing about vegans losing their teeth too!

But you look amazing, so if it’s working for you it must work too for others.

One question that I have is, is it essential to get 50grams of protein daily?
I am vegan and I travel a lot.

Sometimes it’s not easy to get protein as in some countries they don’t really have tofu, or vegeterian options.

Then I end up buying protein bars, which usually are filled with whey protein ( which is not veganšŸ˜¬) and lots of chemicals and sugar.

Is it ok if for some days you don’t get 50grams of protein? Is that a myth from doctors or is it actually true?

Thanks, your books are awesome!

My response:




Q&A: Is Nature perfect or flawed?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask and answer if you wish to live a natural life in an unnatural world. Therefore, today the Q&A is my question for you:

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Q&A: What did your doctor say about your 45 day fast???

That’s a good question. Well, let me tell you…




“Did you see on the news last night they’re saying that _____ is actually good for you now?”

I hear it all the time. I have friends and relatives who’ll modify their diets with each new “news” report of a once-harmful product or practice that “new evidence suggests” is not as harmful as we once thought. Case in point: I just read an article touting the relative harmlessness of MSG (this, after years of excitotoxin-confirmin reasearch and millions of anecdotal reports to the contrary). Well, here are my thoughts:



Q&A: Are vegans losing their teeth after a few years on the diet?


Eisha123 queries:
My other question is, why are so many people saying things about how they lost their teeth šŸ˜³ or that [they or their teeth] deteriorated so much after being vegan?

I am not saying it’s true, but it scares me.


Almost every vegan youtuber has said after 3 or 5 years that they were getting sick.


I am not at all trying to be against veganism. To be honest, my digestion is better when I don’t eat animal products, but I am scared of this diet not being actually good.


Why are there all these people saying they [felt] deteriorated and weak with it?


There are even people saying vegans look at least 10 years older due to lack of collagen.

Is there any explanation for this?


The Adept advises:






Q&A: If I stop eating eggs and dairy, how can I have a healthy weight and not look too thin

Eisha123 queries:
I would love if the author of this channel could answer to me herešŸ™
I bought your book and I loved it. I see you advocate for a vegan diet in order to keep our cells alive.

I just have 2 questions. I am a woman and I am very thin. It doesnt look good on me to lose weight.

I am vegetarian at the moment ( I eat eggs and dairy).
I became vegetarian during my teens when I was around 14, because of religious reasons ( I was very interested in yoga and hinduism and I read books which said that meat would stop me from reaching the higher chakras, and [from] evolving spiritually)

But about the vegan diet, If I stop eating eggs and dairy, how can I have a healthy weight and not look too thin?

Here’s my answer:


Look up “vegan calories per pound chart”

AskaVegan Fasting

Q&A: Do you struggle to fast, or is it just me?

Walt, I just canā€™t seem to get the courage, the will or the guts to fast like Iā€™d like toā€¦Do you struggle to fast or is it just me? Sent from my iPhone

The Ageless Adept <>
Tue, Oct 11, 4:56 PM
to ———-
There is, in fact, a part of the process that is challenging even for me, and that’s usually the first 2-3 days. However, once I committed to the path years ago, and once I realized that modern medicine is on an entirely different path (with very poor results), I realized that–challenging or not–this is the way it has to be. There can be no conquest without courage. There can be no winning without will. There can be no gain without guts. There can be no success without struggle. If it were easy to do, there would be no need to do it, because everyone would be fit and healthy!

My extended answer on Youtube: