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Fasting Thoughts

“Fasting is Like…” a voyage to the bottom of the sea THE VIDEO!

The first in a new series! As I enter the 33rd day of my current fast, this series reflect some of the thoughts and insights that came to me.  I had fun creating the graphics and hope you find them as well as the short videos of me narrating them helpful!

If you’d like to see how I use fasting as part of a protocol to mitigate parasites, check out

Fasting Thoughts

“Fasting is like…” (a voyage to the bottom of the sea)


Fasting is like “…taking your body deeper and deeper into previously unexplored depths of healing. There are no shortcuts. The only way to experience a given stage is to summon the courage and discipline to take the plunge and the slow journey, one minute, one hour, one day at a time to pass through the stage before it. The overall health and rejuvenation you’ll achieve is like recovering a long lost treasure!”–The Ageless Adept

If you’d like to see exactly what happens to your body during each stage of fasting, download the popular infographic (Stages of Fasting)

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The Ageless Adept’s Blog

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age’lessadj. youthful; immune to the effects of age
a’dept— n. a highly skilled person; an expert; a guru

Scientists say the human body is genetically coded for perfect health, youthfulness and immortality. In other words, since our 7 trillion cells renew themselves every seven years, there’s actually no reason for us to age, get sick or even die.
If true, then what are we doing wrong? Why are people getting sick younger and aging faster? How did we lose our connection to this coding? And how do we get it back?
What if you could activate your body’s dormant code and stay young forever? Imagine living in perfect health for all your life and never getting sick. Imagine if you never caught a cold, didn’t get cavities, and kept your skin smooth, your mind sharp, and your body vital and energetic for as long as you chose to live–without pills and drugs! I believe we can! Join me in the quest, seeker!
“Perfect health, long life and eternal youth are not the random, genetic blessings of a chaotic or capricious universe, but natural birthrights that can be accessed through the mindful acceptance of simple truths, activated by the disciplined practice of proven activities, and sustained by advancement along a known path. This is that path.”