Day 9. …and I wake up pointing northeast….

It shouldn’t surprise you that, yep, I’m doing another fast (and I’m just beginning Day 9;  193 hours as of 5am) I’m still working on an experiment that will be revealed in due time in an upcoming book on cleansing. In any case, for those who are contemplating or consumed (pun intended) with their own extended water fast, juice fast or lemonade fast, here are a few things I’ve noticed so we can compare notes.

I embraced it on Day 7. In this fast, as is (always) accurately predicted in the Stages of Fasting infographic, I “settled into” the fast by DAY 7. On that day, the “urge to crunch,” (a habitual desire to simply crunch on something like chips or nuts) disappeared. From that point on, I can easily sail through the days without any urges.

Dreams are more unique (more emotional, more vivid) and I can retain the details even after I wake and go about my day. My sleep also seems deeper. In other words, I get lost in the depths of sleep and dreaming and am not as aware I’m sleeping. Typically, even when I’m sleeping and dreaming, I’m usually aware that I’m sleeping and dreaming.

Creativity skyrockets. This is something I’ve always experienced. Once my mind is freer of toxic and parasite loads, the ideas for books, poems, quotes, videos, t-shirt slogans as well as the motivation to implement and execute those ideas increases. It’s now 5:22am on a Saturday morning, and I’ve been up since 4:31am simply dumping all those ideas into task lists I’ll be working on over the coming days.

I wake up pointing northeast. Now this is something I noticed during the 45-day fast and it seems to be happening again. Due to the layout and limitations of my apartment building, the head of my bed is oriented on a somewhat skewed angle relative to the (North-South-East-West) points on a compass. Usually, I wake up in the same orientation in which I go to bed. However, after these recent deep, restful, dream-filled nights, I’m waking up in a specific northeast orientation that is very noticeable. Does it mean anything? Is it related to the prevailing northeast winds here on Saipan? Is there a connection to true north versus magnetic north? Now, it’s entirely possible this is all completely random and is simply the result of the workings of an overactive, food-deprived mind and has nothing to do with anything relative! However, I just wanted to put it out there to have a little fun. I’ll do some research* and give you an update! Meanwhile, if you have anything to share about your own sleep orientation or sleep habits during a fast, please do leave it in the comments section!


*To test my magnetic/true north theories, I’ll have to get a compass or upgrade my phone to one with a magnetometer so the compass apps will function!


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