“I’m not at all ‘hesitant!’ It’s a simple ‘Hell No!'”

“I’m not at all ‘hesitant!’ It’s a simple ‘Hell No!'”
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The term “hesitant” when it comes to “you know what” is definitely misleading! Among other things, it implies that I’m conflicted about my decision, or that I’m waiting to take THE action. Well, I’m neither conflicted nor ambivalent. My “hell no” decision was immediate, full of surety and unhesitating in every way! Get it right!

And, for the record, this and all my survival decisions have nothing to do with vaccines, per se, but everything to do with a simple, lifelong decision and my unwavering, non-negotiable decision to stay away from non-foods, chemicals, poisons, pharmaceuticals and other man-made substances for which the body was not designed as I do my best to live a natural life in an unnatural world while I pursue perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth!–Walt Goodridge (aka “The Ageless Adept”; Author of A Clean Cell Never Dies and publisher of Fast & Grow Young!

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