Announcing the “Ask a Vegan” Youtube channel

As we say in Jamaica, “big tings a gwän!” (“big things are going on!”)

My friend, JC, who is always asking interesting questions about my vegan lifestyle gave me the idea for this series (inspired by the popular “Ask a Monk” videos he watches on Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu’s channel). I’ve been “vegan-plus” now for the majority of my life–no chicken, no fish, no beef, no eggs, no dairy, nothing in cans, no coffee, no sodas, no alcohol, nothing microwaved–and I often get interesting questions about the reasons for and implementation of such a lifestyle in this modern world, and on a little island in the Pacifc.

I enjoy answering questions and sharing what I know, and JC’s idea has a catchy ring to it, so I’ve given it its own channel!

Curious? Offended? Shocked? Amused? Carnivore? Herbivore? Ominvore? Whatever your interest or stance, feel free to ask ANY question of your favorite neighborhood fanat–I mean, friendly–vegan, and let’s have some fun!

As I said, it’s a brand new idea (less than 72 hours old), but I’ve already uploaded 3 videos to get things started. I’ll strive to keep all videos no more than 5-9min; I’ll also be doing < 60sec “#shorts” previews (Youtube says that’s the best way to grow a channel) So, please click on the image or link to give it a quick view, subscribe, ask a question and spread the word:

AskaVegan Fasting

How do you fast without getting the urge to eat?

Kris asked: How do you fast without getting the urge to eat?

Here’s my response to Kris’ question:



Yep, still here! Yep, fasting again!

(Sorry for the delay! I’ve been updating, editing and reformating all my books for the new year!)

Meanwhile, it’s that time of year! I particularly like fasting right before a major milestone. I usually take the few weeks and days before a new year to fast. I do this for several reasons:

(a) First, it’s a good idea to start the new year fresh and clean in body, environment and mindset!

(b) Since my creativity and connection to the universe and its well of ideas are always enhanced during a fast, I find it’s also the best time and state to do brainstorming and planning for how to execute my plan to take over the world in the next 365 days! (*Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I advocate and strive to escape the shackles of society’s arbitrary lines (borders, beliefs, birthdays, etc.), but around this time of year, there is, in fact, a shift in–if nothing else–other people’s expectations, energy and enthusiasm that can affect my own plans!)

The last solid food I had was about 4:00pm on Wednesday, Nov 30, so every day at 4pm marks a full 24 hours of fasting.  It’s now Sunday Dec 4 at 7:25am here on Saipan.

As per the wisdom in Fast & Grow Young, I haven’t set a specific number of days I expect to fast. I’ll see where my body leads me!

Tips: Starting the fast at the beginning of the month (Dec 1) provides a little extra mental gymnastics for fasting longer. Watching as the calendar days match the fast days gives me a little extra boost to keep going (don’t ask me why!).

2) I also start the stopwatch on my mobile phone so I can keep track of the hours. Seeing the hourly progress (it now shows approx “87 hours) provides constant motivation to keep going!


We’ll talk later!

I know I need to start recording Youtube videos more consistently. If you missed any, you can head over to the channel to check them out!

(Your subscription to the channel let’s me know you’d like me to keep making videos!)


What does “healing” look like in your mind?

What do “health,” “healing” and “treatment” look like? When you think about the processes involved in “getting better,” what images come to mind? Here’s an excerpt from my book, A Clean Cell Never Dies, for you to consider.

I’d like to challenge you to a little mental exercise. What do you think about when you think about healing a disease? In other words, what do health, healing and cure look like to you? If you’re like many people, the images that come to mind include: orange bottles with white labels, multi-colored pills, white lab coats, masks, high-tech machines in sterile rooms, chemotherapy, intravenous drips and the hair loss it often causes, hypodermic needles, patent-infringement cases and thousands of dollars in cost.

Is this the way it has to be? Is Nature that flawed and imperfect? Is that the best our society can do as a solution? Or, is there another way?

Is there a way to heal and cure, reverse and rejuvenate an individual’s body from deterioration and illness, without the use of harmful chemicals, radiation, invasive surgery, bodily dismemberment, mutilation, side effects and hair loss?

Following is a collage of the images most people call to mind when thinking of healing:

I suggest to you, however, that in the search for a better belief system, and in the quest to reverse aging, become fit to breed or simply live a healthy, long life using these practices, that you re-imagine what healing and cure—in reality—look like.

Perhaps healing and cure really look like this:

Sunshine, clean air, clean water, direct contact with the earth and soil and access to real organic food without fear of patent infringement, all achieved for pennies.

Something to think about, perhaps, as the new year approaches.

From A Clean Cell Never Dies

Essentials Shopping List

“The black seed can heal every disease, except death” (plus Bionatal coupon code)

I’ll be doing a short video on the Youtube channel in a few days. Meanwhile, however, here is a sneak preview and “5% OFF” DISCOUNT CODE for Ageless Adept mailing list members!

I’ve known about black seed oil (Nigella Sativa) for many years and have been occasionally purchasing a brand through

Black seed oil has been used for centuries in countries all over the world as an amazing “cure all.” One thing you’ll encounter in your own research is this quote attributed to the Prophet Muhammad:

“The black seed can heal every disease, except death”

Back in July of this year, I chanced upon some testimonials online and renewed my own research. I found Bionatal and owner, Rashid Demchenko  at–a company that produces black seed oil sourced in Ethiopia.

Rashid on the right (from the website)

Before I purchased, I watched Rashid’s videos on
• The pressing process
• Thymoquinone (TQ) level comparison with other oils
• Whether PET bottles were safe to keep the oil

Then, after becoming confident with Rashid’s vast knowledge, commitment and success producing “the strongest Black Seed oil in the market,” I placed my order and have been using it now since July. (I took a break during my 45-day fast and resumed.)

• 16oz in PET* bottles
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 16oz (PET)

Fresh squeezed orange juice: 5-7 small oranges
• 1ST GLASS: orange juice + 1tsp BIONATAL + 5drops GSE (Grapefruit seed extract)
• 2ND GLASS: orange juice + 1capsuleHCL + 1tspASCORBATE-C powder
• I also add a tsp to my “Revitalade” mixture that I drink during my sun sauna!

MY OWN TESTIMONIAL (details in upcoming video):
• high energy
• sharper eyesight
• incredible lightness of being
• noticeable effects on bowel movements, hair/fingernail growth and more!

On my second order, I purchased jojoba oil (for hair and skin) as well as actual black seeds (to use in smoothies, soups and salads)

Happy with the delivery speed (7 days to Saipan; much quicker to continental US), shipping (free worldwide) quality, as well as customer service, I contacted Rashid and requested a coupon code for my subscribers!

• Use the code “AGELESS” during checkout for a 5% discount (and I also receive a referral credit! Woo hoo!)

But, don’t take MY word for it…

Check out the Bionatal Youtube channel:

Check out the Bionatal website:

• search “black seed oil testimonials” on Youtube (others may recommend other brands, but their “TQ” levels may not measure up. Watch Rashid’s series on TQ level comparisons)


The Ageless Adept

*PET DEFINITION: Polyethylene terephthalate, also called PET, is the name of a type of clear, strong, lightweight and 100% recyclable plastic. Unlike other types of plastic, PET plastic is not single-use — it is 100% recyclable, versatile, and made to be remade. That’s why, America’s beverage companies use it to make our beverage bottles.


The Carrot Conversation

The following is an excerpt from The Man Who Lived Forever, and is an introduction to the concept of “real food:”


“Let’s talk first about food. In order to create the inflow necessary for health it is simply necessary to eat food. Real food, that is. Eating real food–naturally- occurring, unprocessed, so-called ‘organic’ fruits and vegetables that humans were meant to consume– nourishes the body, gives it what it needs to stay in balance, replenishes what is lost, and aids the elimination of waste quickly enough to avoid internal toxicity.”
“Makes sense,” I said.
“The challenge, however, is that very few of us have a working definition of what real food is. So, first let’s dispel a few misunderstandings.
“Just because something can be put in your mouth, chewed and swallowed does not make it food.”
I smiled.
“Just because something is sold in a supermarket or restaurant does not make it food.”
Ain’t that the truth, I thought to myself.
“Just because something tastes good, does not make it food.”
There went 90% of my diet right there.
“And finally, just because something is referred to as food by a great number of people, does not make it food.
“Here’s a short list of things people put inside themselves that are not food: milk, butter, eggs, cheese, chicken, all dead meats, processed sugar and salt, all foods with artificial flavor, preservatives or color of any kind, alcohol, cigarette smoke, sodas, fried foods, hybrid rice and wheat products, processed white flour, decaffeinated coffee and genetically modified foods. The unfortunate thing is that this list comprises 90% of what the average person in our society consumes.”
“So what can we eat?” I ask. “What’s left? Nuts and berries?”
“Remember, nature is perfect and foolproof, right? Therefore, the presumption is that everything that the body ever has or ever will require for sustenance has always existed and was provided at the beginning.”
“So how do we know what was here at the beginning?” I asked.
“The answer to everything is in what I call the Original Scene, my friend. So to answer your question, let’s do a little exercise in observation. Close your eyes. Now picture a landscape without supermarkets, delicatessens, restaurants, hot dog stands or vending machines. What do you have left?”
“Starbucks,” I said jokingly.
“Focus, my friend,” the Adept said.
“Grass and trees,” I said.
“Anything else?” asked the Adept.
“The sky?” I said.
“Anything else?” he asked again.
“Rivers, mountains, flowers…”
“Animals, birds, fish. Stones, rocks,” I continued.
“Anything else? Look in the ground, on the plants and on the trees.”
“Oh, fruits, vegetables, nuts,” I said.
“Good, you’ve described just about everything that existed in nature’s perfection. You’ve just described real food.”
“I’m confused,” I said. “That’s what I eat now. I eat fruits. I eat vegetables, nuts, seeds. But I’m still sick. And so is everyone I know. What am I doing wrong? Are you telling me I’m eating them wrong?”
“In a way, yes,” the Adept said. “Let’s go back to our scene. Close your eyes again.”
“Now, imagine that you’re hungry. Walk over to a fruit tree and pick the fruit. You’ll notice that there are no cans, no boxes, no preservatives, no concentrates, no pasteurization vats, no other processes or people in- between you and your food.”
“I got that.”
“Now, reach into the ground and pull out a carrot.”
“Ok. Got it.”
“If you place this carrot in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“If you steam it, even for just a minute, and then put it in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Um, no,” I replied. “I don’t think so.”
“If you dehydrate it, pulverize it into a powder and then put it back in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Definitely not,” I said.
“Correct. Can you see, therefore, that steaming or pulverizing changes something fundamental in the carrot? It is no longer a carrot. It may taste like a carrot. It may feel like a carrot. But it no longer has all the properties of a living carrot.”
“So are you saying that cooking our food is what’s killing us? That we shouldn’t eat anything cooked?”
“I’m saying that in order to sustain life,” the Adept replied, “you must eat live food. Remember, you are always free to do anything you wish. Just remember the Essential Truth that there are always effects from that cause. Look to nature for your answers. If it isn’t in the original scene, it isn’t food, and therefore, not part of the original code. Do you see cows stir-frying their grass before grazing?” he asked.
“Can’t say that I have,” I replied with a smile. “But you’ve been cooking meals for me. Why not all live?”
“Well, it’s been sort of a transitional diet I created just for you. Yesterday’s meal was heavy on the salad, and the soup we had at lunch was almost raw. Today, since you asked, is going to be “Rawday.” You may have heard of it? It’s on the Ageless Adept calendar right after “Fry Day”, get it?” he said with a chuckle.

Let’s bring it all together with a definition of “real food!”

Photo 133647137 / Carrot © Sergejsbelovs |

Why I’ll gladly pay $7.00 for a bar of soap instead of…

There’s no contradiction at all! Yes, I’m a self-described cheapskate, but I’ll pay $7 for a Liggett’s bar of soap, $15 for a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s, hundreds of dollars for a zapper, hundreds more for a Rife Machine…well, you get the idea; without thinking twice about it. Here are a few reasons why:



Fasting is like…(the sequel on video!)


Lab results teaser!

As you may know, I recently completed a 45-day, no-food fast!  Well, as luck would have it, a few days before I broke that fast, I was having a conversation with a friend here on Saipan, and the topic of B12 and Vitamin D levels came up. That prompted me to make an appointment to get some lab work done to determine how my 45 days of not eating affected my vitamin and mineral levels! (The blood was drawn on Day 44) Well, the results are in! I’m scanning them and reviewing them now and will make a Youtube video about it!

Aren’t you curious? I know I am! Stay tuned!

In case you missed the 45 day fast, check it out on the Youtube channel, and subscribe so you’ll be notified when I release the lab results:




Listen to my body??? I don’t even know what that means!!

Have you ever read an article or heard a health advisor say “listen to your body?” What does that even mean? What if I don’t speak my body’s language? What if my body is lying to me? What if my body is speaking gibberish? What if my body is trying to get me killed?! Here are my thoughts on that oft-used, but potentially faulty advice, AND how to actually understand what your body is trying to tell you: