Yep, still here! Yep, fasting again!

(Sorry for the delay! I’ve been updating, editing and reformating all my books for the new year!)

Meanwhile, it’s that time of year! I particularly like fasting right before a major milestone. I usually take the few weeks and days before a new year to fast. I do this for several reasons:

(a) First, it’s a good idea to start the new year fresh and clean in body, environment and mindset!

(b) Since my creativity and connection to the universe and its well of ideas are always enhanced during a fast, I find it’s also the best time and state to do brainstorming and planning for how to execute my plan to take over the world in the next 365 days! (*Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I advocate and strive to escape the shackles of society’s arbitrary lines (borders, beliefs, birthdays, etc.), but around this time of year, there is, in fact, a shift in–if nothing else–other people’s expectations, energy and enthusiasm that can affect my own plans!)

The last solid food I had was about 4:00pm on Wednesday, Nov 30, so every day at 4pm marks a full 24 hours of fasting.  It’s now Sunday Dec 4 at 7:25am here on Saipan.

As per the wisdom in Fast & Grow Young, I haven’t set a specific number of days I expect to fast. I’ll see where my body leads me!

Tips: Starting the fast at the beginning of the month (Dec 1) provides a little extra mental gymnastics for fasting longer. Watching as the calendar days match the fast days gives me a little extra boost to keep going (don’t ask me why!).

2) I also start the stopwatch on my mobile phone so I can keep track of the hours. Seeing the hourly progress (it now shows approx “87 hours) provides constant motivation to keep going!


We’ll talk later!

I know I need to start recording Youtube videos more consistently. If you missed any, you can head over to the channel to check them out!

(Your subscription to the channel let’s me know you’d like me to keep making videos!)

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