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Advice on how to optimize and get through your extended water fast!

Day 8 of my water-only fast (April 2020)


April 24, 2020:
4:00am    125.2lb (Starting weight back on Apr 16: 139lb)

Despite the inclination to over-indulge during these times, one thing you might want to consider during lock down is to do a fast.  If you were on this list last year, you might recall that I did a 17-day fast during March of 2019 (my longest ever). Well, it’s that time once again! I’ve been on an extended water-only fast (that’s right, no food, no juice, nothing but water) for the past 8 days. My last solid meal was at 12noon on April 16, so at 12 noon today I’ll be heading into DAY 9. Here’s an update.

The purpose of the fast is to give the body time to rest from the constant work of digestion and to focus that energy instead on detoxing and removing the toxic and pathogen load on the system.

▪ I have vivid dreams that are easier to remember hours and even days afterward!

▪ I feel like dancing, or singing, or running, or boxing!

▪ I feel a heightened sense of calm

▪ I can easily remember names, situations and events from the past are coming back to me that I haven’t thought about in years.

▪ My “mental bandwidth” & creativity has increased. I have to keep 3 or 4 files open at the same time to keep up with the ideas for books, videos, articles etc. that  are coming to me

▪ I’ve become suddenly neater! My theory: “As within, so without.” Once the pathogens and toxins are gone from your inner world, you might find and sustain the urge to get your outer world to match. You might find yourself channeling Felix Unger more so than Oscar Madison–with a strong desire to straighten things up, organize, clean, scour, scrub and disinfect your surroundings.

▪ Warm feet (i.e. improved circulation)

▪ Waste basket accuracy improves (It’s an odd thing, but my accuracy throwing balled up scrap paper into the wastebasket has improved! Go figure!

▪ It might be counter-intuitive, but my strength is still up. I can still lift TWO 5-gallon water bottles (one in each hand) up a flight of steps to my apartment as I did yesterday.

Yesterday was actually a “weak day” and I spent almost all of it in bed. Today, however, as I move into STAGE 3 (Days 8 to 21) according to the “Stages of Fasting” infographic (, I woke at 4am with high energy, completed the latest “Streets of Saipan” video (see , wrote this blog post and have a list of more things to accomplish today! I’m constantly amazed at just how on-point the Stages of Fasting is. It predicts with uncanny accuracy and specificity just what you can expect to happen in your body as you move from one stage to the next.

So, while you over-indulge on Youtube videos, reading, binge-watching your favorite series, take the time to read up on doing an extended water fast! What you achieve just might be the best thing to come out of quarantine!

…and remember….

“Good Health is the Best Immunity!”–The Ageless Adept

Even before the Covid-19 scare emerged, I’d been working on a daily anti-parasite protocol to be published in the upcoming book, Worm War I & II. Coincidentally, this protocol has all the elements to reduce the body’s toxic load while enhancing the body’s immunity. So I call it my “Cleancell Optimized, Vitality & Immunity Daily” (or COVID, for short!) Download a copy here: or at

Meanwhile, if you wish to see all the strategies in my Clean Cell Protocol, check out “A Clean Cell Never Dies.” You can download a preview here:

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Fasting Tips

Here are a few tips to help you optimize your extended water fast!

► Get Rid of Parasites first
Your fast will be more effective–and you may experience less cravings–if the worms in your system aren’t controlling your behavior!

► “Nourish first, Detox second.”
Your body will be calling on reserves during the fast, so it’s best to make sure you have an abundance of necessary vitamins, and minerals.

► Use the “Stages of Fasting” info graphic
Print out Stages of Fasting and read several times a day before, during and after your fast. Download here

► Use good-tasting water
Water that tastes good will be more inviting. This is a very important thing you’re doing for your body. Spend the extra money!

► Don’t buy food before the fast
Be sure to schedule your final shopping days so you don’t have a lot of fruits and vegetables on hand and spoiling while you fast. (You may be tempted to eat them, you know, “so they don’t go to waste!”

► Avoid temptation: get out of the house!
Hanging around the house can get boring. You may find yourself tempted to munch on something just out of boredom. So, avoid the temptation by getting out of the house if possible. Of course, you should stay inside if you feel dizzy or nauseous, but otherwise, remove yourself from familiar temptations!