The Carrot Conversation

The following is an excerpt from The Man Who Lived Forever, and is an introduction to the concept of “real food:”

“Let’s talk first about food. In order to create the inflow necessary for health it is simply necessary to eat food. Real food, that is. Eating real food–naturally- occurring, unprocessed, so-called ‘organic’ fruits and vegetables that humans were meant to consume– nourishes the body, gives it what it needs to stay in balance, replenishes what is lost, and aids the elimination of waste quickly enough to avoid internal toxicity.”
“Makes sense,” I said.
“The challenge, however, is that very few of us have a working definition of what real food is. So, first let’s dispel a few misunderstandings.
“Just because something can be put in your mouth, chewed and swallowed does not make it food.”
I smiled.
“Just because something is sold in a supermarket or restaurant does not make it food.”
Ain’t that the truth, I thought to myself.
“Just because something tastes good, does not make it food.”
There went 90% of my diet right there.
“And finally, just because something is referred to as food by a great number of people, does not make it food.
“Here’s a short list of things people put inside themselves that are not food: milk, butter, eggs, cheese, chicken, all dead meats, processed sugar and salt, all foods with artificial flavor, preservatives or color of any kind, alcohol, cigarette smoke, sodas, fried foods, hybrid rice and wheat products, processed white flour, decaffeinated coffee and genetically modified foods. The unfortunate thing is that this list comprises 90% of what the average person in our society consumes.”
“So what can we eat?” I ask. “What’s left? Nuts and berries?”
“Remember, nature is perfect and foolproof, right? Therefore, the presumption is that everything that the body ever has or ever will require for sustenance has always existed and was provided at the beginning.”
“So how do we know what was here at the beginning?” I asked.
“The answer to everything is in what I call the Original Scene, my friend. So to answer your question, let’s do a little exercise in observation. Close your eyes. Now picture a landscape without supermarkets, delicatessens, restaurants, hot dog stands or vending machines. What do you have left?”
“Starbucks,” I said jokingly.
“Focus, my friend,” the Adept said.
“Grass and trees,” I said.
“Anything else?” asked the Adept.
“The sky?” I said.
“Anything else?” he asked again.
“Rivers, mountains, flowers…”
“Animals, birds, fish. Stones, rocks,” I continued.
“Anything else? Look in the ground, on the plants and on the trees.”
“Oh, fruits, vegetables, nuts,” I said.
“Good, you’ve described just about everything that existed in nature’s perfection. You’ve just described real food.”
“I’m confused,” I said. “That’s what I eat now. I eat fruits. I eat vegetables, nuts, seeds. But I’m still sick. And so is everyone I know. What am I doing wrong? Are you telling me I’m eating them wrong?”
“In a way, yes,” the Adept said. “Let’s go back to our scene. Close your eyes again.”
“Now, imagine that you’re hungry. Walk over to a fruit tree and pick the fruit. You’ll notice that there are no cans, no boxes, no preservatives, no concentrates, no pasteurization vats, no other processes or people in- between you and your food.”
“I got that.”
“Now, reach into the ground and pull out a carrot.”
“Ok. Got it.”
“If you place this carrot in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“If you steam it, even for just a minute, and then put it in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Um, no,” I replied. “I don’t think so.”
“If you dehydrate it, pulverize it into a powder and then put it back in the ground, will it sprout?”
“Definitely not,” I said.
“Correct. Can you see, therefore, that steaming or pulverizing changes something fundamental in the carrot? It is no longer a carrot. It may taste like a carrot. It may feel like a carrot. But it no longer has all the properties of a living carrot.”
“So are you saying that cooking our food is what’s killing us? That we shouldn’t eat anything cooked?”
“I’m saying that in order to sustain life,” the Adept replied, “you must eat live food. Remember, you are always free to do anything you wish. Just remember the Essential Truth that there are always effects from that cause. Look to nature for your answers. If it isn’t in the original scene, it isn’t food, and therefore, not part of the original code. Do you see cows stir-frying their grass before grazing?” he asked.
“Can’t say that I have,” I replied with a smile. “But you’ve been cooking meals for me. Why not all live?”
“Well, it’s been sort of a transitional diet I created just for you. Yesterday’s meal was heavy on the salad, and the soup we had at lunch was almost raw. Today, since you asked, is going to be “Rawday.” You may have heard of it? It’s on the Ageless Adept calendar right after “Fry Day”, get it?” he said with a chuckle.

Let’s bring it all together with a definition of “real food!”

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How to recognize REAL food

The Ageless Adept defines real food as “unmodified, raw, enzyme-rich nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables eaten in as close to their natural state as possible.” Boiled carrots, or carrots from a can are not the same as raw carrots. If you can’t put it in the ground and grow another one, then, generally speaking, it’s not real food.VARIATIONS: Eating real food, organic produce, raw food, super foods, supplements and vitamins.

The body is coded to heal

As an individual unit of Nature, your body is coded for healing, reversal, regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation. Cuts heal. Broken bones mend. Fevers kill germs. Yes, provided with the raw materials it needs, and left to its own intelligence, the body is designed to heal, survive, and thrive. Everything you currently define as illness is actually healing taking place. Diarrhea, colds and coughs, for instance, are all efforts by your body to cleanse and heal itself.

*Note: age reversal using the clean cell practices does not require belief in a deity. Universal order exists for all.

We’re even told by experts that the body’s organs renew themselves regularly, and that the entire body is completely renewed every seven years.
You might ask, “If the body is coded to heal, why am I and everyone I know deteriorating?” You’ll answer that question by the time you finish this book. First, we’ll explore how the body deteriorates.

In the book,  A Clean Cell Never Dies, I state:
The reason [Herbert] Shelton and others can create a “stages of fasting” guide that predicts with almost pinpoint accuracy what will happen to you during your fast, is that after guiding over 4,000 people, he realized the process is the same! Even a body damaged by years of abuse and neglect still retains its healing code.

If there were not this consistent, reliable, predictable thread of order in the universe, things would fall apart. If everyone’s built-in code didn’t function in the same way, Nature simply couldn’t survive. A seed that fell into the soil, wouldn’t know what to do! Birds that got cold in the winter wouldn’t know where to go! Nature is, indeed, foolproof, and perfect! You are in good hands!

The body will be helped to function according to its coding, if you follow the S.W.E.A.T. philosophy and formula

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V = P2 – O

There’s a formula I first encountered in Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet & Healing System that holds V=P-0 (Vitality = Power – Obstruction). The degree of vim, vigor and youthfulness you experience (i.e. your vitality) is not only a function of your nutrition (power), but also a function of the degree of obstruction present in your system. In other words, the more blockage that exists in your system, –caused by toxins and accumulated, uneliminated matter in your colon, intestines, blood vessels–the less vitality you will be able to manifest. This explains why even several days–even weeks–into an extended water fast, you’ll experience tremendous surges of energy even though you’re not eating any solid food–fasting allows the body to purge itself of toxins and other obstructions.

I’ve modified it slightly to be V = P2 – O where P2 is “Potential Power”

Now, as is usually the case with universal truth, the VPO formula has applications to many other areas of life. So, expanding Ehret’s formula to living your passion and purpose, we can postulate that

Value = Passion * Purpose – Obstruction.

In other words, the value that you ultimately bring to the world is a function of your passion MINUS any obstruction (internal or external) that you allow to block your flow, whether those obstructions be your fears, your perceived limitations, or other people’s expectations of you.

Similarly, when it comes to your vision, we find that

Vision = Position * Perch – Obstruction.

What you envision for yourself and your future is function of where you stand–your position or perch–MINUS any obstructions that block your view.

Ageless 101 Rules!

Ageless Adepts only eat real food. If you can’t put it in the ground and grow a new one, it’s not real food!

Ageless Adepts don’t eat anything in cans or anything with preservatives.

Ageless Adepts know that the purpose of food is to survive. You eat food for survival and for health. Sometimes you eat things you don’t like in order to be healthy. You’re not a child. Grow up.

Ageless Adepts don’t compromise. If there’s no vegan restaurant where you’re vacationing, you eat fruit, prepare your own meals, or fast!

Ageless Adepts don’t eat anything that has a face, that has a mother, or that can run away from them.

Ageless Adepts don’t put anything ON the body that they wouldn’t put IN the body.

Ageless Adepts follow the S.W.E.A.T lifestyle formula.

Ageless Adepts know that a clean cell never dies, so they strive to keep their bodies clean through colonics, coffee enemas, sauna detoxes, and fasting.

Ageless Adepts know that “You may have freedom OF choice, but you don’t have freedom FROM the consequences of that choice.”

What does healing look like?

I’d like to challenge you to a little mental exercise. What do you think about when you think about healing a disease? In other words, what do health, healing and cure look like to you? If you’re like many people, the images that come to mind include: orange bottles with white labels, multi-colored pills, white lab coats, masks, high-tech machines in sterile rooms, chemotherapy, intravenous drips and the hair loss it often causes, hypodermic needles, patent-infringement cases and thousands of dollars in cost.
Is this the way it has to be? Is Nature that flawed and imperfect? Is that the best our society can do as a solution? Or, is there another way?
Is there a way to heal and cure, reverse and rejuvenate an individual’s body from deterioration and illness, without the use of harmful chemicals, radiation, invasive surgery, bodily dismemberment, mutilation, side effects and hair loss?
Following is a collage of the images most people call to mind when thinking of healing:

The old paradigm of healing (Fig 4. from A Clean Cell Never Dies)
I suggest to you, however, that in the search of a better belief system, and in the quest to reverse aging, become fit to breed or simply live a healthy, long life using these practices, that you re-imagine what healing and cure—in reality—look like.
Perhaps healing and cure really look like this: Sunshine, clean air, clean water, direct contact with the earth and soil and access to real organic food without fear of patent infringement, all achieved for pennies. Here is that image:

The new paradigm of healing (Fig 5. from A Clean Cell Never Dies)

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Allergic reactions to Covid Vaccine. Surprised?

According to the article above, a few people are experiencing allergic reactions to the Covid vaccine.
This is to be expected, and I predict there will be more reports like this. Doctors may be “puzzled” (according to the article), but people who exercise natural sense (as opposed to common sense) won’t be surprised. One unchanging truth you can always rely on is that ANYTHING unnatural that is put in the body is toxic and the body will respond accordingly. For some people, that response will be immediate, for others it will take some time to manifest. 
Another truth to keep in mind is that modern medicine has been, is and will continue to head in the wrong direction in the quest for its so-called “cures.” Here is an excerpt from the book, A Clean Cell Never Dies, in relation to cancer, but you can substitute any illness or condition (diabetes, obesity, even “normal” aging).
[BEGIN] One journey, fueled by advertising, consumerism, profits and patents is running conceptually “to the left.” The other group, empowered by natural law is running “to the right.” The first group is essentially trying to find the north pole by heading south–seeking the rising sun by continually heading west. The outcomes are predictable. 
This is why modern medicine will never find the cure[s] they seek. Quite simply, they are on the wrong path. The cure already exists! It is known, practiced and already being experienced by thousands of people. 
You can’t cure cancer if you’re not teaching people that cancer cells form in the acidic bodily environment and that the standard American diet of sugars, fried foods, dairy and meat creates, and that fruits and vegetables create an alkaline environment. 
You can’t cure cancer if you’re not addressing the environmental causes–the magnetic fields, fluorescent lights, pollution, lead paint and pipes people are exposed to–and helping them to avoid them. 
You can’t cure cancer if you believe some miracle cure exists that can overcome cancer’s causes and allow people to “enjoy” cancer-causing lifestyles while, at the same time, magically avoid cancer. 
You can’t “cure” cancer in the US if you outlaw any other treatment besides chemotherapy, forcing doctors to practice alternative therapies in other countries.
Neither health nor the cure for cancer exist down a road paved with fake food and chemicals, bathed in radiation and lasers, fueled by excess and greed, and motivated by corporate profits. No matter how many walkathons, telethons, gifts and grants are thrown at the ongoing research for “the cure,” modern medicine will never find the cure for cancer because, it simply does not exist to be found on that road. [END]
A Clean Cell Never Dies:
The Ageless Adept
p.s. This development hopefully means that local governments cannot mandate taking the vaccine and, at the very least, provides folks who don’t wish to with a plausible “out.”
p.p.s. The fact that Clinton, Obama and Bush are willing to take the vaccine on television doesn’t prove it’s safe. It merely proves they’re willing to take the vaccine on television. 

Day 8 of my water-only fast (April 2020)


April 24, 2020:
4:00am    125.2lb (Starting weight back on Apr 16: 139lb)

Despite the inclination to over-indulge during these times, one thing you might want to consider during lock down is to do a fast.  If you were on this list last year, you might recall that I did a 17-day fast during March of 2019 (my longest ever). Well, it’s that time once again! I’ve been on an extended water-only fast (that’s right, no food, no juice, nothing but water) for the past 8 days. My last solid meal was at 12noon on April 16, so at 12 noon today I’ll be heading into DAY 9. Here’s an update.

The purpose of the fast is to give the body time to rest from the constant work of digestion and to focus that energy instead on detoxing and removing the toxic and pathogen load on the system.

▪ I have vivid dreams that are easier to remember hours and even days afterward!

▪ I feel like dancing, or singing, or running, or boxing!

▪ I feel a heightened sense of calm

▪ I can easily remember names, situations and events from the past are coming back to me that I haven’t thought about in years.

▪ My “mental bandwidth” & creativity has increased. I have to keep 3 or 4 files open at the same time to keep up with the ideas for books, videos, articles etc. that  are coming to me

▪ I’ve become suddenly neater! My theory: “As within, so without.” Once the pathogens and toxins are gone from your inner world, you might find and sustain the urge to get your outer world to match. You might find yourself channeling Felix Unger more so than Oscar Madison–with a strong desire to straighten things up, organize, clean, scour, scrub and disinfect your surroundings.

▪ Warm feet (i.e. improved circulation)

▪ Waste basket accuracy improves (It’s an odd thing, but my accuracy throwing balled up scrap paper into the wastebasket has improved! Go figure!

▪ It might be counter-intuitive, but my strength is still up. I can still lift TWO 5-gallon water bottles (one in each hand) up a flight of steps to my apartment as I did yesterday.

Yesterday was actually a “weak day” and I spent almost all of it in bed. Today, however, as I move into STAGE 3 (Days 8 to 21) according to the “Stages of Fasting” infographic (, I woke at 4am with high energy, completed the latest “Streets of Saipan” video (see , wrote this blog post and have a list of more things to accomplish today! I’m constantly amazed at just how on-point the Stages of Fasting is. It predicts with uncanny accuracy and specificity just what you can expect to happen in your body as you move from one stage to the next.

So, while you over-indulge on Youtube videos, reading, binge-watching your favorite series, take the time to read up on doing an extended water fast! What you achieve just might be the best thing to come out of quarantine!

…and remember….

“Good Health is the Best Immunity!”–The Ageless Adept

Even before the Covid-19 scare emerged, I’d been working on a daily anti-parasite protocol to be published in the upcoming book, Worm War I & II. Coincidentally, this protocol has all the elements to reduce the body’s toxic load while enhancing the body’s immunity. So I call it my “Cleancell Optimized, Vitality & Immunity Daily” (or COVID, for short!) Download a copy here: or at

Meanwhile, if you wish to see all the strategies in my Clean Cell Protocol, check out “A Clean Cell Never Dies.” You can download a preview here:

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Fear and negative thinking affect your biology

Wash your hands (avoid touching door knobs). Practice social distancing. Implement the Clean Cell Optimized Vitality & Immunity Daily protocol. Then, listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton remind you how powerful your programming, attitude and thoughts are in affecting your life’s outcomes. The video poster could have added  “…and why negative people get sick” to the title as Dr. Lipton briefly cites evidence of the effects of fear and negative thinking on your biology…

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Remember: “Good Health is the Best Immunity!”–The Ageless Adept

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