What does healing look like?

I’d like to challenge you to a little mental exercise. What do you think about when you think about healing a disease? In other words, what do health, healing and cure look like to you? If you’re like many people, the images that come to mind include: orange bottles with white labels, multi-colored pills, white lab coats, masks, high-tech machines in sterile rooms, chemotherapy, intravenous drips and the hair loss it often causes, hypodermic needles, patent-infringement cases and thousands of dollars in cost.
Is this the way it has to be? Is Nature that flawed and imperfect? Is that the best our society can do as a solution? Or, is there another way?
Is there a way to heal and cure, reverse and rejuvenate an individual’s body from deterioration and illness, without the use of harmful chemicals, radiation, invasive surgery, bodily dismemberment, mutilation, side effects and hair loss?
Following is a collage of the images most people call to mind when thinking of healing:

The old paradigm of healing (Fig 4. from A Clean Cell Never Dies)
I suggest to you, however, that in the search of a better belief system, and in the quest to reverse aging, become fit to breed or simply live a healthy, long life using these practices, that you re-imagine what healing and cure—in reality—look like.
Perhaps healing and cure really look like this: Sunshine, clean air, clean water, direct contact with the earth and soil and access to real organic food without fear of patent infringement, all achieved for pennies. Here is that image:

The new paradigm of healing (Fig 5. from A Clean Cell Never Dies)


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