Is Nature perfect or flawed?

Your answer to this question will determine your success implementing the Ageless Adept’s protocols and practice.

Now, however you wish to refer to the natural order–whether as nature, the universe, God or the end product of an evolutionary process–the question remains the same (I’ll refer to it as nature): Is Nature perfect or flawed?

Is Nature perfect, or did it have to wait for linear-minded men in lab coats to come along to improve it?

In the book, The Man Who Lived Forever, the adept questions the seeker about Nature and God:
“Seeker, if you were God, perfect, wise and omnipotent—would you create a world and a system of survival that required Ph.Ds to master? Or would you make it foolproof, so that even the least of your creations could negotiate it?
“I guess I’d make it simple,” I replied.
“And the truth is, Seeker, it is simple. God is not complicated. Complex, vast, infinite, perhaps, but not complicated. Nature is a simple, closed, self-contained system coded for survival. In other words, everything Nature needs for its own survival is already built right in. It’s a ‘batteries included’ universe, if you will.”

Check out this conversation about Nature’s perfection:


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