“Perfect health, long life and eternal youth are not the random, genetic blessings of a chaotic or capricious universe, but natural birthrights that can be accessed through the mindful acceptance of simple truths, activated by the disciplined practice of proven activities, and sustained by advancement along a known path. This is that path.”The Ageless Adept
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This book was really great. I was intrigued by the title,being a woman we are always interested in secrets of the fountain of youth. As a person interested in health and nutrition this book [piqued] my interest. I literally read it from cover to cover and in the beginning I was curious about the journey this book was going to take me on. It was a personal narrative, with instructions for improving your health. His examples were easy to follow, there was nothing complicated he even listed his sources of the information that he talks about. As I went through the book, I noticed some things that I have been supplementing my own health with and many new ideas and strategies for better living. This book was an easy read, but not an easy ride. I am sure any one who starts anything new, will realize that if you take it one step at a time, on a gradient and ask what matters you to you more, you will discover that this book is useful, and experiential. Take what works and use it, What doesn’t work for you, leave it alone. I am inspired to give it a shot and get a part of my youthful disposition back! 🙂 Great job with this book. I know that my shopping list will be much different than what i have been used to. Thank you for sharing this information.

small_image Nov 2017: “Hello Walt. My name is LJ. I came across your book, Fit to Breed Forever, by chance (on a website I can no longer remember) a couple of weeks ago. Ordered the book the same day, got it two days later and started ordering stuff for the suggested protocol the same day. I’ve been following it ever since! I feel so much better generally these days, and will never go back to microwaved meals, breakfast cereals and “goodies,” which basically constituted my diet beforehand. By the way, I just love the congee. Delicious! Thanks for that recipe! By the way, the book suggests finding other recipes on agelessadept.com/fittobreed, Is there a new website address for your protocol. I would be very interested in trying some different recipes. Thanks so much mate. You’ve given me my life back!” –L.J., United Kingdom

REPLY: Hey Louis, Great to hear from you! Your email made my evening, so I had to write you back right away! That’s fantastic that the Fit to Breed protocol has been helpful! The key is YOUR courage and discipline! Keep it up! Visit Fit to Breed’s new location at www.agelessadept.com/fittobreed where you’ll also find info on a podcast, blog and other goodies for subscribers!–Walt
small_image “Walt, I am taking in your book The Ageless Adept this morning. I am exhilarated, grateful, mesmerized and enchanted, frightened, eager, and about 10 more qualities. I am working my way through it as well as Rational Fasting. Both are of inestimable value to me. I am highly energized by both!” —S. Milan, LMFT, DAPA
small_image “Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and encouragement re Bill’s illness. We too are great believers in natural remedies and it irks us to think Bill has to have poisonous chemo to save his life. Thank you for the links to the Gerson sites……we became aware of these teachings many years ago when we were members of the Natural Health Society here in Sydney. Will be good to study them again….thank you. Bill has a great attitude to his illness and is handling it with good humour and positivity so we have every reasons to hope for a positive outcome. Who knows, one of these days we may meet again in Saipan and enjoy another wonderful tour with you. Bye for now,” —Faye and Bill R.–Australia
small_image “Four years ago, at a dinner with someone I had just met, I burst into tears. At this time, he was the only vegan I knew who had been vegan for that period of time (eighteen years at the time), and maybe it was that feeling of safety that allowed me to let my guard down. We spoke then about life and purpose. I had no idea at this time what I should do with my life, but now that I am rereading this article that was written about that night, it is as if he foresaw what was in my future (which is now my present). I do feel that my purpose is here in Manila, to be that drop of hot water, teaching compassion towards all beings by way of Jivamukti Yoga. Please check out this article by Walt F J Goodridge that was so beautifully written: https://www.saipanpreneur.com/archives/233/“– N.Sy–Manila

“”The mix of philosophy, biology and good old common sense compelled me to incorporate many of the practices in this book. I feel younger, more energetic and have a clearer sense of purpose. To right a wrong when it comes to health is not easy, but it’s darn sure worth it. I’m living proof!” –Samara re: Ageless Adept

small_image “This is a must read book for all ages and for all walks of life – for those seeking to understand the complexities surrounding illness and how to attain optimum health, physically and emotionally.”––from the Amazon website re: Ageless Adept

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