The body is coded to heal

As an individual unit of Nature, your body is coded for healing, reversal, regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation. Cuts heal. Broken bones mend. Fevers kill germs. Yes, provided with the raw materials it needs, and left to its own intelligence, the body is designed to heal, survive, and thrive. Everything you currently define as illness is actually healing taking place. Diarrhea, colds and coughs, for instance, are all efforts by your body to cleanse and heal itself.

*Note: age reversal using the clean cell practices does not require belief in a deity. Universal order exists for all.

We’re even told by experts that the body’s organs renew themselves regularly, and that the entire body is completely renewed every seven years.
You might ask, “If the body is coded to heal, why am I and everyone I know deteriorating?” You’ll answer that question by the time you finish this book. First, we’ll explore how the body deteriorates.

In the book,  A Clean Cell Never Dies, I state:
The reason [Herbert] Shelton and others can create a “stages of fasting” guide that predicts with almost pinpoint accuracy what will happen to you during your fast, is that after guiding over 4,000 people, he realized the process is the same! Even a body damaged by years of abuse and neglect still retains its healing code.

If there were not this consistent, reliable, predictable thread of order in the universe, things would fall apart. If everyone’s built-in code didn’t function in the same way, Nature simply couldn’t survive. A seed that fell into the soil, wouldn’t know what to do! Birds that got cold in the winter wouldn’t know where to go! Nature is, indeed, foolproof, and perfect! You are in good hands!

The body will be helped to function according to its coding, if you follow the S.W.E.A.T. philosophy and formula

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