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• “mRNA-Free Zone”
It’s a little classier than saying “I told you so!” (Just a bit). However, as more reports surface concerning proof of origin, inadequate research, lack of efficacy, serious adverse reactions (myocarditis, cardiac arrest), excess deaths, as well as your standard political and medical collusion and coverup around the whole era, those individuals who refused to be injected are becoming more visible, vocal and even vindicated! Order now







Think critically. Decide logically. Maintain firmly. Rinse & Repeat.
Here’s how to avoid regret: make your survival decisions and live uncompromisingly by a set of non-negotiable standards that are based on universal truths, natural law, life’s absolutes and personal ethics. Order now





















“Never did. Never will.”
Rinse and repeat. Order now








• “Coded to Heal”
Coded to Heal is more than just the title of one of the books in the Agelesss Adept™ series. It’s a command, a reminder as well as an affirmation (“My body is coded to heal”), your new personal mantra that you’ll see and hear each time you wear this t-shirt. Order now








“I’m not at all ‘hesitant!’ It’s a simple ‘Hell No!'”
The term “hesitant” when it comes to “you know what” is definitely misleading! Among other things, it implies that I’m conflicted about my decision, or that I’m waiting to take THE action. Well, I’m neither conflicted nor ambivalent. My “hell no” decision was immediate, full of surety and unhesitating in every way! Get it right! And, for the record, this and all my survival decisions have nothing to do with vaccines, per se, but everything to do with a simple, lifelong decision and my unwavering, non-negotiable standard to stay away from non-foods, chemicals, poisons, pharmaceuticals and other man-made substances for which the body was not designed as I do my best to live a natural life in an unnatural world as I pursue perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth!–Walt Goodridge (aka “The Ageless Adept” Youtube.com/@askavegan; Author of A Clean Cell Never Dies and publisher of Fast & Grow Young! Order now


• Sunlight. Water. Earth. Air. Time.
The basis of ALL real, lasting cure is ALWAYS (and can only ever be) Sunlight, Water, Earth, Air and/or Time! Let the world know that you know! Order now







The (REAL) Pledge of Allegiance for the average consumer
Did you know that in most blind taste tests, people actually choose Pepsi™ cola OVER CocaCola? So, why is Coke still the leading brand? Branding, marketing, brainwashing–call it what you will. To some degree or other, we have all been influenced to choose food products, electronics, automobiles, even the “type” of partner we’re attracted to by campaigns, companies and people who have all done a better job of pushing our buttons and can engender a blind allegiance that can even lead us make poor survival decisions against our own best interests. Order now







• “I Fast & Grow Young” (Mirror image to inspire YOU!)
When you look at yourself in the mirror wearing this tshirt, you’ll see the reversed image as normal and readable and it will serve as a mantra for a fast you’re on, or a reminder of what you should be doing! Order now


• “I Fast & Grow Young” (For everyone else!)
Even before they ask, “How do you maintain such a youthful glow?” you can wear your answer–one of the secrets of your natural lifestyle–to the world! Order now


• “Beware of Earth! They EAT the Vegetarians.”It’s true! I kid you not! You see the humans on that little blue planet over there? Well, they eat the vegetarians!!! Yep, if you’re a cow, sheep, chicken or goat planning a trip, you’d be wise to heed this interplanetary travel warning! Order now








• “Nutritionally Enhanced”
Muscles are rebuilt, blood is enriched and organs and metabolism are rejuvenated with real food that supports the principles of nutrition. In other words, this body is nutritionally enhanced! Order now


• “Naturally Engineered”
This body is designed and constructed with adherence to the codes and standards of natural law. It is naturally engineered. Order now








• “Fit to Breed”
“Fit to Breed!” Sharing it with the world might be a bit risqué perhaps, but it is, without doubt, something to be proud of: knowing that nature has reclassified you as “Fit to Breed!” Order now








• “V=P²-O” Vitality Formula
V=P²- O reads as: “Vitality equals Potential Power minus Obstruction”
That’s the little known formula for improving and maintaining your youthful vigor and health. It explains why you often feel a boost of energy after a thorough bowel movement, colonic or enema. It explains why you can have unlimited energy 40 days into a fast (I know from experience!) having not eaten any solid for the duration. The energy is the result of the removal of obstructions by the healing code activated by the fast. Order now


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(Based on the books of Kale Carnegie and his contemporaries, pioneers of the original, failed health movement; and motivational speakers who never quite made it big!)

• “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” by Kale Carnegie
It’s easy: become a vegetarian and vegan!

As a Man Poopeth by Aloysius Sheitshoveler, III,

The Power of Positive Drinking. A Pee Classic by Vorman Nincent Pee

The 7 Habits of Highly Fanatical Vegetarians by Steven Scurvey
It’s the cover of a book many of us could write, and one that many of our creeped out friends and family could write as well! However, you’re probably not going to find it anywhere in the real world except on this funny t-shirt!

Awaken the Vegan Within by Rony Tobbins

Who Modified My Peas? by Anonymouse,

Read more at : https://www.kalecarnegie.com/

Perfect health. Long life. The Fountain of Youth.