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Who came up with these ideas first?


“Information, inspiration and ideas for perfect health!”

“Perfect health, long life and eternal youth are not the random, genetic blessings of a chaotic or capricious universe, but natural birthrights that can be accessed through the mindful acceptance of simple truths, activated by the disciplined practice of proven activities, and sustained by advancement along a known path. This is that path.”

The Ageless Adept
Walt’s “Body Healer” Health Coaching

What if you had an actual person you could call on to ask questions or request guidance to help you achieve health, healing and happiness?! Try my Body Healer™™ books and coaching!

You can call me the Body Healer, but the truth is…

The Body Heals Itself!

The human body is coded to heal. The reason we don’t always experience that healing optimally is because we don’t give the body what it needs in order to accomplish it. My books and coaching show you how to do this.

Who am I?

My name is Walt F.J. Goodridge. One day, several years after I had become vegan, I attended a college reunion. It was quite a few years after graduation, and towards the end of the evening, the host of the event started taking questions and answers from the attendees. A former classmate, Wilton C., raised his hand and asked a question. “Here’s what I’d like to know,” he began. “I want to know how come Walt looks younger now, than when he was here in college!?”

The question elicited some laughs and quizzical stares from the audience of undergrads and alums. Although Wilton may have asked it rhetorically and in jest, I felt compelled to give an answer. I had been vegan for only four years at the time, but I told him and everyone else that it was, in fact, that decision—and the courage and discipline it required—that had everything to do with the answer. Friends and family, too, wonder how it is that I look younger now than when I was, um, “younger.” I visited New York recently for a family gathering, and upon entering the room, the first question my aunts and uncle asked was if I dyed my hair. (The answer was and is ‘no.’) In addition, and for the record, my lovers are pleased with my youthful strength and stamina, but perhaps that’s a bit too much information and is a topic for another book.

However, it isn’t simply being vegan that accounts for my immunity to the years and my success at reclaiming yesterday’s me. Over those same years, I’ve worked in health food stores, done extensive reading and research, and as a result, have developed a set of my own “secret” practices based on my ever-growing knowledge of supplements, herbs, food, vitamins, natural remedies and “youth-insertion” strategies. These secrets keep my hair black, my eyes bright, my skin glowing, my stomach flat and my energy level high. Therefore, I wrote and compiled the information in my books and coaching protocols because the truth is, I want to keep my family and friends (and that includes you!) around for a long time, too. It’s simply no fun to watch people deteriorating due to what is often simply a lack of information. I want everyone to enjoy the same excitement for life and to have the same desire and energy I do to bound out of bed each day to enjoy life. I want my girlfriends to enjoy my own as well as their own bodies’ capacities for pleasure. And, as more and more people ask me about my health practices, I want to share what I know to a wider audience.

I write and coach, therefore, as my answer to the question: “How do you stay looking so young????” Read more about my lifestyle and background

Why Coaching?

Sometimes, people learn faster and better when they can actually speak directly with someone who has done and achieved what they wish to achieve. I’ve coached friends, partners, family members, strangers and clients, and something about hearing the same written words from a living human being takes the ideas out of the realm of proven concept to achievable reality! <br/p>

My “SRP!”

With my coaching, you get my SRP. No, it’s not a suggested retail price, but my Suggested Rejuvenation Protocol: a step-by-step set of strategies and actions in order to work with your body’s healing code instead of against it. <br/p>

The Underlying Philosophy: I SWEAT

So what does the body require? The clues are in the graphic at the top of the page.

In order to activate the body’s natural healing code, you need S.W.E.A.T. That’s a simple acronym that stands for Sunlight, Water, Earth, Air and Time. There are unique ways to integrate all of these into your daily life regardless of your current lifestyle or where you live.

The “I” in “I SWEAT” stands for Information. That’s where I come in. There is little-known, but valuable truth and information that forms the basis of the Body Healer protocol. Once you have this information explained to you in a way that makes sense, and that you can make your own, along with access to my ongoing encouragement, you’ll find the courage and discipline you need to achieve the changes you wish to make in your health…and from now on, whenever anyone asks you how you stay so young and energetic, you can tell them, “I SWEAT!”

Sign up for a single session via Skype (audio only) that will be recorded for you to refer to over and over again for the reminder, the motivation and specific information you need in order to stay on track. Here are some of the types of coaching you can receive:

(a) “Yesterday’s You” Coaching:

What if you could actually reverse the deterioration and decline that’s associated with accumulating more years on the planet? What if you could actually grow YOUNGER every day?

Well, you can!

Reversing aging is possible. Not just the “signs” of aging, but actually aging itself. Yes, it is possible to actually take the body back to a previous state of health. It is possible to slow the decline, undo specific damage and return to a previous state of health and vitality. Yes It is possible to reclaim a healthier you…yesterday’s you!

“I don’t want to live longer, I just want to have a good quality of life!” Have you ever met anyone who said something like this?

Why is that? Why wouldn’t someone want to live longer? Well, I believe that when some people think of aging, they imagine of themselves getting older and older and weaker and weaker and in a constant state of deterioration, and, quite understandably, the concept of extending the deteriorating years is simply not appealing. What if, instead of adding more years of deterioration to the tail end of a life, you inserted more vital, youthful years in the middle of your life? What if, instead of life extension, you could perform a life insertion?

Imagine you had an appliance with a power cord, and for some reason, you needed to make the cord longer. How would you do it? In other words, how would you add more length to an electric cord for which both ends were fixed? The answer is, you’d add more length to the middle of the cord. Well, your life is like that exension cord. One end is fixed at the origin (birth), and one end is fixed at the outlet (passing).

Conceptually, what you’ll be doing with the Yesterday’s You protocol is going back in time to a younger biological age, and extending that age–splicing vibrant, younger years into the middle of your life cord! Yes, instead of life extension, we’re going to embark upon a life insertion!

Learn all the best strategies for reversing aging! Find out how to incorporate them all into your present lifestyle as much as possible. (For women and men!)

TESTIMONIAL: “An aunt visited yesterday. I was wearing shorts and a shirt with my hair loose. Her exact comment was “Well you look all of fifteen” and throughout the week I’ve received multiple similar cooments regarding my youthful countenance….my family members couldn’t stop saying how young and radiant I looked on Sunday (three days after fast finished/first full day of eating food) my students on several occasions mistook me for another student in the classroom. The other teachers kept saying I looked amazing and kept attributing it to the way I did my hair! My own observations: *my workout yesterday was hard but I did more cardio and didn’t feel winded- the sauna was amazing! *my yoga today was incredible- I was more flexible and could do twists and bend more agilely.”—-RJ, 40+ calendar years on the planet, New York

(b) “Healthy Alternatives” Real Food Shopping Adventure:

Okay, so can I eat this? What are the best healthy brands to buy? What can I substitute for dairy? Fish? Where do I get my protein? What are the healthy meat substitutes? The answers to these questions can be as close as the nearest supermarket, IF you know a few secrets! Organize an actual shopping adventure to your local health food store or supermarket with a coach who can introduce you to a new world, a new set of options and fill your shopping cart with healthy alternatives to the Standard American Diet (SAD)!

From Shavon’s Healthy Alternatives shopping adventure; See testimonial below

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(c)The Ja-Vegan Chef’s Real Food Cooking Demo:

It’s not real food if it’s killing you! All those food channel cooking shows have one fatal flaw: most of those dishes are what’s keeping you obese, aging before your time and constantly in need of an energy boost! Learn the secrets to cooking delicious, nutritious, vegan versions of Jamaican, Caribbean and American-style meals in half the time..that won’t kill you! Let Walt Goodridge, the Ja-Vegan Chef, show you how it’s done!

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(d) “Fast & Grow Young” Guidance:

Fasting is nature’s FIRST cure. Should I do the Master Cleanse (“Lemonade fast”) or a full water fast? How long should I fast for? How do I safely break my fast? Check out a recent client’s results:

Andy F Day 1 to Day 6 extended water fast; Andy lost 20 lbs in 10 days
Listen to him rave about the additional benefits he achieved:
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(e)Men’s “Fit to Breed” Coaching:

Maintaining your strength and virility is an important part of feeling like a man! Discover proven strategies and tips just for men! <br/p>

This is not a diet.

These coaching concepts and guidelines are not diets. This is not about magic pills that promise magic results. The amazing results you’ll witness in these testimonials are simply the result of average people receiving and then acting on information that is presented in a way that makes sense, and that is made relevant to their individual circumstances. This is what happens when you allow your lifestyle and food choices to work WITH your body’s healing code rather than AGAINST it. It’s that simple. There are no sugar coats. There are no candy wraps. There is simply truthful information that you process and then incorporate into your daily life. My “gift,” if you will, rests simply in how I present it to you. The power and the authority to heal, lose weight, reverse aging, reclaim your virility, etc., already exist within you!


If interested in any of these coaching sessions, please follow the steps below: (You may also request a workshop or in-house group session for 10 or more people here)


Request a Coaching Questionnaire <br/p> <H/p>


Sign up for your own coaching session now! First-timers can save $50 (reg price: $149). Use coupon code “”healthy“” to activate the $50 discount and pay only $99. (Date & time of Skype®® call will be scheduled  after payment; Available subjects: passion to profit; healthy lifestyle; escape planning!) (Two payments of $49.50; Make the first payment now) <br/p> <H/p>


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Perfect health. Long life. The Fountain of Youth.